I no longer wish to have public reviews as our time together should be private. But many of you ask about reviews so I have provided actual excerpts from previous reviews.

I don't know of any way that I can discuss Angelina Rossi objectively. I absolutely adore this woman. Take the comedy of Lucille Ball, the classic sultry sexiness of Sophia Loren, and throw in some Mae West naughty. And that's just meeting for coffee!! Witty in an offbeat goofy way, serious about your pleasure, always sexy and passionate about EVERYTHING! VERY well informed about the world, not afraid to express her point of view, and you already know she is a jaw-dropping beautiful head turner with a body 21 year old Pornstars envy. As a Provider, Escort, Courtesan, or even just a one and done High Dollar Hottie, she is without equal. You might have other experiences that leave your head spinning, but you will compare all of them to Angelina. I can't even tell you what she's going to be like for you BCD because only you know what you need her to be. For me, she has been, and continues to be an extraordinary companion.

Angelina is a well-known and highly regarded LA provider also active on other boards. She was recommended to me by one of the wise old salts who recently joined TPR. It�s an honor to post her first review here. She is very discriminating about who she sees, so solid references are essential. Once the initial screening is done, expect more email/phone communication so she can get to know you. That will continue once you�re FTF -- she�s very intelligent and inquisitive.

Angelina has a wonderfully off-center sense of humor and a no bs, straight-up approach that is unusual in my hobbying experience thus far. If you don�t appreciate assertive and totally uninhibited women, she may not be the right date for you...And yes, she�s a wonderfully sweet, beautiful, mature lady who turns heads big time, but not ego-bound as one might expect. Her pictures are current and accurate. She is even sexier in person.

This is a serious E-ticket ride folks. Lots of GFE before/after, but a wild, rocking, twisting, turning, PSE adventure in-between. She will quickly figure out where your boundaries are, then try to push you beyond them.This experience was a game-changer for me, a window into the transformative power of raw sexuality. I cannot recommend her highly enough, though not to anyone who is physically or mentally faint of heart.
---SHEL (Provider Report)

I have seen Angelina many times. She is one of the most caring and willing to please ladies I know. I've been in this business for 15 years and its rare you find someone like Angelina. I love her eyes, her accent, her body of course, and her zest for life. She is just a fun lady to be with. Both in private and in public. I am proud and happy that she is my friend.

Angelina is quite simply the "creme de la creme"...after over six years and dates with the finest courtesans in the business...she is the consummate companion and will charm even the most discerning gentlemen! Beyond the simply mesmerizing eyes and phenomenal body, this lady promises so much more...engaging conversation...a world traveler with impressive people skills...silly, girlie and feminine, she turns into a wickedly naughty vixen...a gracious greeting goes from flirtatious subtle touching to passionate and adventurous intimate play that leaves you breathless...and wanting more...and more!

We decided to meet at the hotel and then head to dinner. As soon as she entered the room to drop her bag I was amazed at the ease and grace and beauty she posesses. Her heritage is a mix between Finnish and Portuguese - she is in great shape. She dressed very tastefully and I was delighted to be casual. Conversation was so easy and delightful, she makes a very natural date without pretense. I was enthralled by her fun attitude. She is amazingly bright and beautiful!

I have seen Angelinas web site many times and always thought I should go there. I decided to do just that and sent her a note. She responded quickly and asked for screening and pretty soon I was cleared for take off. And take off is putting it mildly. First of all, I must say that writing this brings back some pretty vivid pictures of a mind blowing experience. Angelina is a woman of great talent, grace, heat and sensuality. She is one sexy, sexy lady. You'll see!

Angelina is a worthwhile experience if your on the west coast. I got some great recommendations by some reliable people on ter. She is smoking hot and has an incredible body. She was nice enough to come to my hotel and when she knocked I was very excited. She was very considerate and asked if she could bring me anything. She is a very attractive woman with a great body and easy going personality. She is worth every cent.

I had been admiring Angelinas website for some time and finally got the chance to meet her during a business trip to LA. I was getting really excited because her email were so friendly. She came to my hotel and I opened the door and wow, I was practically speechless! She is a terrific conversationalist and we were having a great time laughing and telling each other about ourselves. Angelina is a true Scandinavian beauty. She has a quick wit and is really smart. Angelina is the total package: smart, funny, smoking hot and an absolute PSE. I will see her again and again!
--- riceboat

She drove up in a nice car, dressed casually since it was at my house. She came in and we got acquainted. I made her a lite dinner and gave her some bubbly. She has a great personality and we got along well. This gal is a real pro and made me feel like a champ.
--- mrholiday21

I have seen Angelina a few times. Was right on time looking hotter and sexier than ever. This time she came to my office during business hours. I have the type of job where I meet a lot of clients at my office. I greeted her with a hug and small kiss. She smelled so good. The other guys in the office were straining their necks to see the absolutely gorgeous creature I had in my office. I then escorted her to my car for a ride to the nearby hotel. This woman has it all, gorgeous face, body, voice and also very talented. I can not wait for our next encounter!

To be fair to my fellow hobbyist, I have seen Angelina for a long time and finally decided to write a review. Usually I dont like being a regular but in this case I guess I am. Once work gets to me and I need a break, Angelina is the person I call with her sharp intellect and sexy goddess ways. Attentive to your needs and not a clock watcher. Treat her well!
--- hectorinspector

I had seen her pictures many times and was nervous. She was very friendly and put me at ease. Gave me directions and rode the elevator up with great anticipation. OMG, there she was in one of her little outfits that could barely contain her gorgeous body. Great time, great body, will be back many times in the future.
--- dadawg

Have seen Angelina a few times. She opens the door and is possibly the sexiest thing alive. She has an incredible body, wears the sexiest outfits and her voice turns me on. She is not only extremely beautiful but very talented. Her body is perfect, her attitude perfect, her face gorgeous and hair beautiful. I can not get enough! Thanks babe, I will be back next week.

Was going to be in Los Angeles on vacation so I contacted Angelina. After going through her verification process, we set and appt at my hotel. A knock on the door and greets me with a hug and kiss. When you go see her, ask her for a full body massage, you'll thank me later!!

This is one great chick. My last few experiences with other were disappointing. Loved her pictures and reviews. Beautiful day and better yet, beautiful girl. She opened the door and looked just like her pics. She has a line in her as that say "I have the biggest heart."...which I didnt understand until I met her. She really does have a big heart, makes you comfortable and really makes a connection. Really had a superb time and hated to leave.

I saw Angelina over a year ago but then moved out of town but the thought of her lingered in my mind. Since I moved back I had to experience her again. Upon entrance I noticed her body was even better than I remembered. I have to give her a 10 on looks and service because both were honestly better than our previous encounter and I left feeling incredible. Shes amazing, physically beautiful and a sweet nice personality.

Have been reading Angelinas reviews for some time but never pulled the trigger... finally decided to and whoa.... this girl is well, absolutely amazing. When I walked through the door my jaw damn near hit the floor. This is girl is gorgeous. Her beautiful blue/green eyes will grab you at the door and doesnt let go. Suffice to say ANgelina is no doubt one of LA's best and I will be back as often as possible.

Contacted Angelina and loved her reviews. I think she must have hypnotized me because I cant remember what she was wearing. I remember something black. I could tell from the first moment this would be something special. A total no rush session and a beautiful woman. Will certainly see her again.
--- america

Angelina is one hot female. I love her looks and her hair. Walked into her apartment and she was wearing a very sexy outfit. I knew this was going to be a good encounter. I love Angelina. Treat her right boys.

Ive been looking at Angelinas ad for some time now. Finally decided to take the plunge. Why did I wait so long? I was buzzed in and when she opened the door, wow! I definitely recommend Angelina!

I have wanted to see Angelina and decided to give her a callafter I saw her in a prview for a Hustler movie. Im glad I did. She was awesome! I will definitely see her again. She was smoking with curves in all the right places. She has climbed to the top five in my favorites list. Gentlemen, you must see this woman at least once. She has it all.

Well what can I say about this fine sexy lady. She has a body that will rock your world. This is the second time I have seen her and she is wild and sexy. You have to see for yourself!

Angelina was a birthday present to myself. Above average but her attitude put her into the amazing catagory. I will definitely return when I am able.

First and foremost, this girl is a porn star. I had no idea, but WOW! Her pics looked ok but a friend highly recommended her. Im glad I did. When I showed up she was dressed nice, semi-seductive clothes. When she entered my room, wow, her face was like an angel. Her eyes sparkle. She was very friendly and gave me a big hug. Total session was non-rushed. Treat her well, she is a keeper. Face and body are much better in person. What a lady! A complete angel Cant wait for more. Shes a world class lady in all senses of the word.

Ive been trying to see this girl for 3 months. The gods were smiling! Well this girl is a gem. Door opened and my jaw hit the ground! This lady is incredible! I think I have an all new ATF. ANgelina please move to San Fran so we can date.....Id marry you id you'd say yes...:-)

Guys this woman is a real find. Lovely to look at and extremely playful. I had a feeling we would hit it off and boy was I right. Gentleman, I would love to keep her all to myself, but that would be doing her a great disservice. Run, do not walk, to visit this extraordinary and lovely creature. We definitely clicked and I can wait to see her again. Thank you my sweet for a most memorable afternoon. Until next time!
--- eromea

Angelina is a well adjusted, happy woman who exudes eroticism. She is also an intelligent, level headed lady who can carry on a conversation quite well. She has a stunning body! Her location was easy to find. Once she buzzed me in I was not disappointed. Passionate woman who is fun to be with, no question.
--- snugglelvr

Oh my! This was one hot erotic experience. This chick is just built for pleasure. I really enjoyed my time with her. Overall I was very happy with this session. Will consider returning as so much excitement is coming back when I write this. Please be nice to this one.

Her pictures have always mesmerized me and the time to visit had come. She is an amazing beauty with a shape to die for. Everything about her in those initial few moments excited me to no end. This is what GFE is all about!

Saw all the reviews and knew I should give this one a try and it was definitely worth it. She is even hotter in person, awesome body.

The door opened and there before me stood this gorgeous creature dress to kill and a body to die for. I definitely look forward to seeing her again!

Dont know how I missed noticing Angelina, than I found some reviews and knew I had to make an appointment. Gorgeous photos. She was sweet on the phone, then I saw her in the flesh, I was just stunned. Beautiful shapely brunette with a killer face. Angelina will turn into a costly habit of mine, I do believe. Treat her nicely, she is a stunner, with a sweet attitude.

Angelina was nice on the phone and we arranged a weekend visit. Wow! What a smokin body. She looks even better than her pictures. She is every mans fantasy. She also has a sexy personality. She is an incredible GFE and is full of passion. I cant wait to go back .I highly recommend Angelina.
--- hugejugslover

I have seen Angelina off and on for about a year and a half. She looks better than ever. All I can say is she is hot and delivers as promised. What a babe! What an angel! What a body!. She is my ATF...

I have to say this girl has such beautiful eyes and smile. She put me at ease right away with her warmth and earthy sexuality. Being with her reminds me of seeing an old girlfriend to relive all the good stuff and none of the BS. A truly special lady. There was never a rush and I didnt want to leave this caring lady! Luv ya Angelina

The reviews and her ad made it so I had to have an appointment. She is a real treat and you cant go wrong with her looks and killer body. Very relaxed atmosphere. Great experience. I would have to highly recommend.

Got to her place and knew this would be better than anything before. She is so hot. I told her I was nervous but she made me feel right at home. She is so nice to talk to. I will definitely return.
--- dropindeep

I had to be in LA for a few days on business. Saw her photos and knew I had to go for it. Shes hot! I am going to save my pennys for an all nighter.

She is full of energy and has a great body. I would like to see her regularly but the price is a bit out of my budget. She is totally worth it if you can afford her.

Her voice was sexy with a hint of a European accent. Her high rated reviews created a burning desire to experience for myself. Angelina is a true beauty with nice eyes, incredible body and full glossy lips. The apt was clean and the environment was complimented with soft background music and candles scattered throughout. All in all it was an enjoyable experience, getting better as time passed. Rarely, if ever, do I see a provider a second time, but Angelina might be an exception as she left me craving more! Thank you Angelina!

When she opened the door my jaw hit the floor. I knew I was in for a very special hour. This woman is truly talented and if you treat her with respect, Im sure she will deliver for you as she did for me.


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